Golden DNA Activation Facilitator's Training

Golden DNA Activation and Facilitator's Training


The next Certification Training for Golden DNA Activation Facilitators will occur on Tuesday, Feb. 8, 2011.  In addition to be trained on how to facilitate these activations for others and incorporate it into your own healing practice, you will also receive the 3 required Golden DNA Activations and have the 12 sacred Golden DNA Activation codes activated on you, preparing your morphogenetic field for ascension, that is happening now until 2012 and beyond. 

The Golden DNA Activation activates the frequency of the Golden Liquid Realms, called the Absolute Harmonic Universe, into your DNA template.  This AH Universe is the Higher self Universe of the Harmonic Universe we are currently in.  In order to be able to draw and hold (accrete) the Golden frequencies of the Universe we are ascending to, you must have these Golden DNA Activations and sacred codes. 

These activations are in such demand and will BE in such demand that we require many practitioners to keep up with the requests and to administer them with the integrity that we are committed to.  We already have dozens of practitioners all over the world and as more people wake up as a result of the new frequencies coming into the Earth, more people will be searching for this.  In this way, the Certified Facilitators can also manifest abundance for themselves while working in line with their soul's mission.

The Golden DNA Certification Training includes the 3 Golden DNA Activations, a complete manual over 50 pages long that includes the 12 sacred codes, commands, protocols, and notes for practitioners.  Once you are certified, you will be listed on the website and this will enable you to start your own healing practice.  For those who just desire the 3 Golden DNA Activations, you can expect that these will be the most powerful sessions you have ever experienced, as they will be given live via webinar by Toby Alexander and you will receive the frequency of the codes, the transmission of his voice, and the energy transmission as well. 

Looking forward to assisting you with EMBODYING the Golden Liquid Frequencies and activating your full potential self.

Much love and respect,

Toby Alexander

Swami Shivananda Brahmananda